Overcome and Thrive

How to Find Your Value?

Your true value comes from who made you and whose identity you stand in. The only way to see your priceless value is to learn Christ’s truth and partner with him.

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#1 Need: To Feel Loved

Whether you grew up in a loving home or you didn’t, you may struggle to feel you are worthy to be loved or that you are truly loved.

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Secret Guide to Our 5 Invisible Needs

If someone asked you to write down what you need to survive, the top three answers would be food, water, and shelter. These three things are vital for your physical needs. However, you also have ultimate invisible needs that must be met for you to thrive in life....

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Cracking the “Who You Are” Code

When you believe your identity originates or it is determined by imperfect people (including yourself), you will constantly feel a need to prove yourself, fix yourself, or punish yourself.

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How Faith Fantasies Affect Your Love Design

When you only see love through the lens of your broken love design, it skews your understanding of Christ’s love. Through your broken love, you may create a faith fantasy to cope or to control your unhealthy or hurtful relationships

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