You are the author of your life!

Your history and the challenges you face don’t dictate your future chapters or final sentences when you walk hand-in-hand with Jesus Christ.

Who’s Writing Your Life’s Story? This in depth book on how to live in your Christ-identity, Darla shows Christians the source and solution to their frustration, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, and powerlessness through God’s word. You learn how to use His wisdom and Scripture to help you overcome the challenging internal battle between your sinful desires and spirit. As a Christian author who has overcome domestic violence and abuse, Darla can help you learn how to use God’s armor to prevent the enemy from using your ultimate human needs, wounds, and temptations to destroy you.

Who’s Writing Your Life’s Story? Darla’s book teaches you to live out the remaining chapters of your life growing your faith and standing confidently in Christ’s love, grace, and power. Through Jesus, you can take control of your mind, heart, and faith. You can write the remaining chapters of your life illustrated with God’s abundant love, joy, peace, mercy, and grace.

You can live happily-ever-after with Jesus Christ!

Under the Staircase: Hearing God's Voice in the Darkness

Under the Staircase: Hearing God’s Voice in the Darkness is a spiritually stirring memoir of one woman’s journey to find her self-worth despite the obstacles put in her path by her parents, her abusive husband of thirteen years, and herself. Her mother’s depression and her father’s long absences in her childhood left her feeling disconnected and abandoned. In a life-altering moment at age six, Darla found herself in complete despair. In the darkness she heard the voice of her heavenly Father promising He would never leave her—a promise that became the unshakeable cornerstone of her faith when the rest of the world seemed to crumble around her.

Holding on to the promise didn’t make her life easy, but it did provide her hope when she needed it most and a determined faith as she grappled with the challenges of adulthood. Darla’s story is an ingenuous and compelling tale of human vulnerability, the power of forgiveness, and the guilt that gnaws at her for not fleeing with her sons sooner.

Walk with Darla through her life and discover, or perhaps remember, the light you have been seeking—a light that beams at the edge of all our dark places and gives us reason to keep going, reason to hope. A light that will help you develop a determined faith not just to survive, but to thrive in your life.

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