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Who’s Writing Your Life’s Story?

Will it end happily-ever-after?

You are the author of your life!

Your history and the challenges you face don’t dictate your future chapters or final sentences when you walk hand-in-hand with Jesus Christ.

Who’s Writing Your Life’s Story? Shows Christians the source and solution to their frustration, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, and powerlessness through God’s word. You learn how to use His wisdom and Scripture to help you overcome the challenging internal battle between your sinful desires and spirit. You learn how to use God’s armor to prevent the enemy from using your ultimate human needs, wounds, and temptations to destroy you.

Who’s Writing Your Life’s Story? Helps you grow your faith and stand confidently in Christ’s power. Through Jesus, you can take control of your mind, heart, and faith. You can write the remaining chapters of your life illustrated with God’s abundant love, joy, peace, mercy, and grace.


You can live happily-ever-after with Jesus Christ!