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As an expert Christian women’s group and church speaker on abuse and Christ’s love design, Darla inspires and empowers women through her compelling, authentic personal stories of her struggles and victories to find true love and break free from domestic violence and abuse. Her warmth, humor, and zest for life are contagious. Audiences come away with practical techniques and pivotal insight armed with the truth and power of God to thrive in their lives.

She brings clarity about broken love designs and how-to strategies for meeting these challenges through Christ’s exceptional love design. Darla shows audiences how to dispel lies about love and domestic abuse and how to stand in God’s truth and live in the true love in Christ’s exceptional love design.

Darla customizes speaking topics for each unique audience.

Inspirational Keynotes, Workshops, and Panels

Precautions and Facts as the Pandemic of Domestic Abuse Encounters the COVID-19 Pandemic

Darla has a two-fold message as the COVID-19 Pandemic further isolates and endangers people caught in the cycle of Domestic Abuse.

First, she explains how COVID-19 Pandemic exacerbates domestic violence and offers practical information and advice for victims about staying safe, setting boundaries, and preparing for and finding safe shelter if the abuse accelerates to a point of danger.

Second, she calls on the church to step up and address this often hidden or ignored problem within the congregations.

47% of a congregation, 30% of the women and 17% of the men, are currently being abused, or they have been victims of domestic abuse or violence, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

The COVID-19 orders to “shelter in place” isolates 100% of your congregants, and 47% of those congregants are endangered by the abuse in their situations. Stress increases abusive behavior and creates even more danger for isolated victims. We can no longer ignore the impact this has on not just the victims but on victims’ families. Churches must step up, learn how to recognize and how to help these victims and their families.

As our traditional safehouses have filled to capacity, there are fewer and fewer avenues for victims to find safety and support as they learn to break free from the abuse.  Let us show Christ’s love, support, and his love design to the victims of abuse and all of our congregations to end abuse.

Contact Darla to set up an online interview, a keynote, or a webinar. Let’s be proactive and help victims become victorious!

Is True Love Real?

Darla’s Colinet’s relentless quest to find true love led her into three abusive Christian marriages and divorces. During her Christian women’s group and church speaking events, Darla shares how she was deceived about love even though she accepted Jesus into her heart when she was seven. Using the strategies she discovered along her journey, Darla shows the audience how to recognize the aspects of unhealthy and toxic love from true love within Christ’s design.

You will discover:

  • Why our need to feel loved can lead us down heartbreaking paths.
  • Truths that break through the confusion of the three love designs we can use.
  • How your broken love design affects how you give and receive love.
  • Strategies to transform your broken love into Christ’s exceptional love design.

5 Hidden Aspects of Love—No One Told You

Darla reveals five unrecognized aspects of love and how they form your broken love design. She brings insight to empower the audience to step into the true love we were created to live in. Darla shares her faith revelations, everyday humor, and life lessons to help you see how to transform your broken love design into Christ’s love design.

You will discover:

  • Five hidden aspects of love that have formed your broken love design.
  • Ways to identify and eliminate the roadblocks keeping you from living in Christ’s love.
  • How to dwell in Christ’s love design as he transforms your five hidden aspects of love.

Transform Your Self-Esteem—You are a New Creation

Resilience to find self-worth through faith empowered Darla to triumph over feelings and beliefs of being unloved and worthless. In her self-esteem keynote, she takes her audience through her metamorphosis of being trapped in her worthless self-esteem to living free in her Christ-esteem and becoming the confident woman she is today.

You will discover:

  • What has formed your current self-esteem and how Christ can heal you.
  • Vital differences between self-esteem and Christ-esteem and how they affect you.
  • Simple “Christ-esteem exercises” you can use right away.
  • How to thrive in your Christ-esteem as a new creation and the masterpiece of God you are!

Victim to Victorious: Empowering Personal Transformation

Darla shares insightful revelations and practical strategies she found in Christ’s love to turn her life around from a victim of a date-rape at fifteen, three abusive Christian marriages and divorces, and trauma to a victorious expert on domestic abuse and violence and faith resilience. As an author, love and relationship life coach, Bible study teacher, domestic abuse consultant for churches, and transformational Christian women’s group and church speaker on abuse, Darla brings hope, empowerment, and a path for other victims of domestic abuse to find love, freedom, and to heal from abuse.

You will discover:

  • How our desire to feel loved affects our mind, beliefs, and the direction of our life.
  • How our faith can be twisted and used against us until we know God’s truth.
  • How we can break free from the cycle and pain of domestic abuse through Christ’s exceptional love design.

Christian Women’s Groups and Church Ministries: Love, Marriage and Domestic Abuse

Hope for Struggling Christian Marriages

Darla is an expert on struggling marriages, toxic love, and domestic abuse after breaking free from three abusive Christian marriages. Her transparency and insight bring a new depth of understanding about Christ’s love design to help Christian identify and stop the tug-of-war in their marriage. Darla shares practical strategies to help the audience begin to live in Christ’s exceptional love design and learn to love one another as Christ himself. In addition to her Christian women’s group and church speaking on abuse, Darla also provides interactive Christian workshops about abuse.

You will discover:

  • What is causing the struggle in your Christian marriage.
  • Ways to identify and overcome the individual obstacles destroying your marriage.
  • Healthy boundaries to protect yourself and to nurture your marriage.
  • How to work with Jesus and transform your life and marriage through Christ’s love.

Life or Death—The Power of Words—Verbal Abuse

Darla’s fortitude and resolve to break free from verbal abuse led her to God’s truth and Christ’s revelations about the power of life or death in words. She shares her insights and the strategies she used to identify verbal abuse and to create safe boundaries for her heart and spirit in her marriage. Darla brings clarity as she empowers women with the word of God in Christ’s exceptional love design to overcome verbal abuse.

You will discover:

  • Who you believe you are affects the words you accept and the words you speak.
  • How to identify and eliminate the words of death in your mind and heart.
  • God’s truth about our words and the misquoted scriptures confusing us.
  • Strategies to handle abusive words spoken to you.
  • Simple yet powerful “words of life decrees” you can start using now.

Consultant: Teaching Churches and Staff How to End Domestic Abuse

The Secret Pandemic of Domestic Abuse

47% of your congregation, 30% of the women and 17% of the men, are currently being abused, or they have been victims of domestic abuse or violence, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Many Christian struggling in their marriages don’t even know they’re being abused, or their partner is abusive because they have come to accept abusive behaviors as ‘normal.’ They are doing what they know, which is what we all do.

The statistics prove that Christians are not immune from living in the cycle of domestic abuse or domestic violence. Many victims of domestic abuse find themselves in another abusive relationship or marriage even after they break free from their first one. If Christian victims have come to the church for help in the past and only receive judgment, condemnation, and spiritual abuse, many just turn away.

Darla survived 30 years of abuse in three Christian marriages and the victimization from many pastors, churches, and Christians through her healing in Christ’s love. She uses her expert experience with Christ’s love design to help other Christian women and churches understand that it’s NEVER God’s will for them to live in abuse. Darla’s riveting, authentic stories of overcoming domestic abuse and her broken love design bring hope, inspiration, and Christ’s exceptional love design as a path for Christians and the staff of churches to use to support their congregations’ victims of domestic abuse.

Contact Darla Colinet now to personalize a consultation, class, workshop, or keynote to empower and equip your staff and caregivers to support the victims in your church at Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado.

Love, Relationship, and Life Coaching

Darla is passionate about helping people who are serious about breaking free from the invisible chains preventing them from living in Christ’s love design through her personal love coaching session, relationship coaching session, or life coaching sessions. She will listen to your heart, dreams, and goals, without judgement and help you create a path to heal from abuse. Darla is a certified Professional Coach and a Certified Christian Coach through the World Coach Institute. If you are ready to move from where you are right now to living in Christ’s exceptional love. Contact Darla Colinet now!

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