Darla Colinet

Champion for Abused Women,

Christian Speaker and Author

 Philosophy of Speaking

I love to see the minds and hearts of the audience open up through the stories, revelations, and God’s truth I share in interactive ways. It is amazing to see a new light of hope in the audience’s eyes and their bodies relax when they realize:

  • They’re not alone because I’ve walked in their shoes.
  • I accept them where they are.
  • They’re empowered to begin or continue their healing journey.

Jesus himself used the synergetic combination of conversations, stories, and the Scripture to calm fears, anxiety, depression, and feeling powerless. As a keynote speaker I help Christian women build their self-esteem. I use the same principles to show the audience a believer’s healing journey in Jesus Christ, is one of willingness to progressively move forward, not one of performance and instant perfection. The audience will walk away knowing as they partner with Jesus they are never alone, they can find healing through God’s transforming grace, and they know God’s truth about love so they can live safe, secure, and loved.

My goal is to show the audience how Christ’s exceptional love can stop the vicious cycle of painful love and help them heal. Feel free to contact my team for bookings in Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado.

 Most Popular Keynote Topics

What Happened to My Happily-Ever-After

How many of us had a dream to fall in love one day, get married, and live happily-ever-after? What happens when your dreams and your marriage turn into fear, anxiety, and resentment? Let me empower your audience to:

  • Define and learn how to overcome the source of your fear, anxiety, and resentment.
  • Discover what made you vulnerable to become a victim of abuse.
  • Learn God’s truth and design for love and marriage.

The current condition of your love life right now does not determine what it will be in the future. You have the power to choose a life filled with God’s love and love from other people. It’s time to learn God’s design for love and marriage and become determined to partner with Jesus and create your happily-ever-after.

4 Reasons You Saw a Prince Instead of a Toad

Did you ever dream of finding someone who would love and cherish you? Why is this desire so deep in our hearts as women and what happens to our hearts, minds, and spirits when we don’t feel loved? Let me empower your audience to:

  • Discover the illusion that makes women believe they see a prince instead of a toad.
  • Discover why you were caught unaware?
  • Arm yourself with God’s truth and see the toads in your life.
  • Partner with Jesus and find healing through God’s transforming grace.

A woman’s desire to be loved is one of her ultimate core needs. When there is a void of love in a young girl’s heart, and she knows nothing about the definitions of abuse, she is ten times more vulnerable to be caught in an abusive relationship. It’s time to arm your young daughters and women to help them avoid becoming a victim of rape, abuse, and domestic violence. Let me help them learn how to walk with Jesus and find healthy relationships where they are live safe, secure, and loved.

5 Principles to Move to the Healed Side of Abuse

Feeling stuck and without options in an abusive Christian marriage is not God’s plan or will for your marriage. Let me help your audience see the honoring truth of God’s design of love, marriage, and their happy future; even if it means separation or divorce. Your audience will:

  • Discover the heart, character, and design of God’s love and marriage.
  • Understand your Biblical rights, promises, and responsibilities in your faith.
  • Learn how to partner with Jesus and control your mind, emotions, and future.
  • Overcome the obstacles preventing you from moving to the healed side of abuse.
  • Choose three steps you can take today to begin your healing journey to break free from abuse.

I know first-hand how quickly you get consumed with emotions and the need to survive the day. This keynote is created to be interactive to help your audience feel safe and empowered to see new ways of handling their complex and painful lives. Through the stories, revelations, and practical faith applications I illustrate they will know it is possible to move to the healed side of abuse and live safe, secure, and loved through God’s transforming grace.

 4 Steps to Stop the Financial Loss From Abuse in the Workplace

Domestic violence costs $8.3 billion in expenses annually; $5.8 billion medical costs and $2.5 lost productivity, according to the last study done in 2013. The corporate world knows these numbers have increased but what can they do to lower their losses, retain their employees, and stop the internal breakdown of their company? Let me help your management:

  • Understand the silent destroyer within your company.
  • Establish environments and procedures to ensure the safety of your greatest assets, your employees.
  • Design support and services that work in conjunction with your company’s connections and resources.
  • Establish proactive measures to ensure your company increases their strength, presence, and prosperity.

Let me empower your management team to use a combination of their resources, counselors, and health caregivers to cut your massive losses in productivity, the need to training new employees, and medical costs. It’s time to stop your company’s silent financial destroyer and empower your employees, who are victims of abuse, to overcome.

God’s Cure for Abuse and Domestic Violence in the Church

Forty-five percent of your congregation is currently dealing with abuse and domestic violence, or they are trying to heal from their past pain and devastation. However, abuse and domestic violence are the least talked about and supported subjects in churches. I understand first-hand how complex abusive relationships are, especially within Christian marriages. This difficulty doesn’t make the church exempt from supporting the women and children who are being victimized. It also doesn’t excuse the churches responsibility to hold abusers accountable and offer them a healing path as well. Having spent thirteen years in an abusive Christian marriage without help from my home church equipped me to be a champion for abused Christian women and troubled Christian marriages.

Let me help you empower your administration team to confront abuse and domestic violence, a tool of the enemy. It’s time to break the silence and extend the hand of Jesus to the forty-five percent of your congregation, who are victims of abuse. Show them God’s truth and His design of love and a Christian marriage through education, support, and resources available in your church.

It’s time to follow the direct command of Jesus Christ, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35 NIV. 

Equip, fortify, and empower the women in your care by booking Darla for your next event.