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Can We Talk? It is vital for you to keep safe as you become aware of aspects of God’s Word and yourself.

Information and domestic abuse and violence resources on this website were created to help all victims of abuse, especially those who are Christians or “Christ-followers.” It was created to help and inform domestic violence victims, survivors, their friends, families, caregivers, and employers to understand the realities of abuse and how to help the victims. The information, resources, and Christian advice about domestic abuse and violence on this website are not intended to take the place of professional counseling or advice.

“Domestic abuse is the willful intimidation, coercion, manipulation, battery, physical or sexual assault, and other abusive behavior used in a systematic pattern of power and control over a partner in an intimate relationship. Domestic abuse has been experienced by 47% of the population, (30% women and 17% men).” (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence)

Whether the abuser is male or female, abuse is never acceptable or God’s will. All abusers must choose to change and they will be accountable to Jesus if they do not repent.

Because I am a woman who has overcome abuse, my website, positions the woman as the victim and the male as the abuser. Make no mistake, men are abused too, and I acknowledge their victimization. I intend no disrespect or discounting of their pain.

However, I can only speak from a female’s perspective as that is what I am. If you are a man being abused, the same signs and Christ’s design of healthy love apply to you. You were not created to be abused.


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