• How would feeling loved and cherished change your life, your heart, and your relationships?
  • Are you ready to learn to feel loved and cherished?
  • Are you ready to begin your transformational journey and discover true love in Christ’s exceptional love design


  • How does love turn into domestic abuse?
  • How can a Christian marriage be abusive?
  • How do you know if you’re being abused?
  • What can you do if you discover you are being abused in your Christian marriage?

Darla Colinet’s captivating personal story to find true love is full of authentic transparency and is a rare message of inspiration and support for Christian women dealing with domestic abuse or violence and unhealthy love. She shares her journey of faith as she triumphed over her difficult experiences of being date-raped at fifteen, trapped in the cycle of domestic abuse for 30 years in three marriages, and divorced three times. Her experiences have made her an expert on Christian domestic violence and abuse support for women.

Darla is proof that Jesus can transform your life and heart. As an experienced women’s speaker on domestic abuse and violence, she shares the simple, effective revelations and strategies from Jesus and the word of God that transformed her life.  Her Christian domestic violence and abuse support talks and workshops encourage, motivate, and bring hope and healing to audiences.

Darla is an expert exceptional love speaker and Christian domestic violence and abuse keynote speaker for women’s groups and churches. She is here to help your audience understand the complexities of abuse and how to find healing in Christ’s exceptional love design. Darla lives with her husband in the Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado area.

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Lisa Swinney

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop! I loved how honest and open Darla was about sharing her difficult times of her life and how God walked her through it. It really helped me see that God transformed her life and gave me hope that he’s able to do that for all of us. I also loved how she shared scriptures to build us up! Darla was energetic, funny, and real! The best combination!

Simon Temple

“Every writer strives to convey his or her message in a manner that not only gets relevant information across, but evokes the reader’s emotions; Her writing style is informative, persuasive and socially meaningful.”

Bobbi Magers

“Darla is an engaging speaker that has the love of Jesus pouring out of her life and voice. She brings the whole group to a greater understanding of themselves and how the Lord can work through them by getting to the meat of the subject. She makes me smile and want to move closer to the Lord.”

Beth Allen

“Darla has been given the gift of hearing and understanding the struggles of women. She quickly discerns the core problem and speaks the truth. She offers wisdom based on the spiritual guidance of the Holy Spirit.”

Carine Pearson

“Darla’s spirit draws you to her as she shares her passion to empower people to connect to God in a deeper way. Darla is an endearing, enthusiastic, transparent speaker. You get the impression that God is using her as His warrior on Planet Earth!”


14 Characteristics of Healthy Love

As disciples of Christ, we’re instructed to examine the fruits of a person, especially those we let into our hearts. The healthy or unhealthy fruits of a person are their attitudes, words, and actions over time. The fruit they show us reveals the health and motive of their hearts. Their attitudes, words, and actions must be consistently healthy, or they are not healthy trees. Their fruit reveals their integrity, morals, and heart.

3 Surprising Aspects of Christ’s Love We Don’t Talk About

I loved Jesus and God with my whole heart. However, I hadn’t studied His word, so it wasn’t written and living in my mind. I had used my imperfect knowledge, experience, and faith beliefs about what love was in my relationships, which kept me in the cycle of abuse. Living in my flawed, broken definition of love kept me confused because it was not God and Christ’s pure definition and design of love.

One True Forever Love

If you struggle to understand Christ’s love, you are not alone. It took me over forty years and enduring three abusive marriages that ended in divorces to whole-heartedly surrender and see Christ’s love design. God helped me see His revelation in Scripture. Jesus showed me my life’s lessons, and he helped me write a clear success path to dwell in his pure love. My life is proof that when Jesus is your one true forever love, all things are possible!

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