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Women, Healthy or Unhealthy?
What is the Condition of Your Relationships?

  • What is love according to Christ’s definition and design?

  • How do you know if your nonromantic relationships or marriage follows Christ’s healthy love standards?

  • How can you tell if your relationships are healthy, unhealthy, or toxic-abusive, and what can you do as a disciple of Christ?

The Unhealthy and Abusive Marriage Pandemic. What is the role of Faith Leaders?

  • How are you as pastors, teachers, mentors, and staff handling the pandemic of unhealthy or toxic-abusive marriages in your church?

  • What are you doing to ensure victims are subjected to spiritual abuse?

  • Do you know how to identify, help, support, and teach believers the differences between healthy, unhealthy, and toxic-abusive marriages so they can thrive in Christ’s healthy love?