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Darla Colinet is a disciple of Jesus Christ who knows how difficult our faith journey can be at times in this broken world. Her victorious story and healthy marriage reveal the amazing transformation and restoration possible for all of God’s children.


Darla is an author, certified Christian life coach, Bible Study teacher, and founder of God’s Transforming Grace. She has also overcome thirty years of domestic abuse in three separate marriages and considers it an honor to share God’s truth about healthy love from Scripture to believers from every culture and denomination. Darla inspires and empowers women through her compelling, authentic personal stories of her struggles and victories to explore their definition and understanding of Christ’s love and how it affects the health of their relationships.

She brings clarity about the differences between healthy, unhealthy, and toxic-abusive relationships and what believers can do. Darla shows audiences how to dispel lies about love and face the silent pandemic of unhealthy relationships and domestic abuse in Christian marriages. Darla’s warmth, humor, and zest for life are contagious. Audiences come away with practical techniques and pivotal insight armed with the truth and power of God to thrive in Christ’s love design in their relationships and lives.


In addition to Darla’s participation in many churches, she reaches believers globally through her guest speaking at summits, workshops, retreats, panel expert, radio interviews, and AVAIYA University event. Darla founded God’s Transforming Grace’s ministry to ensure that the teaching of God’s truth and Christ’s love are available to everyone seeking answers. The ministry combines God’s Biblical truth with practical lessons and strategies to equip women with healthy tools to thrive in Christ’s exceptional love.


God’s Transforming Grace ministry equips believers through FREE resources, books, printables, online mini-courses, and intense courses. She is also an artist with various products to encourage women in their faith. Her books include a memoir, Under the Staircase: Hearing God’s Voice in the Darkness, Who’s Writing Your Life’s Story? Will it End Happily Ever After?, Quest for Exceptional Love: Transform Your Love and Relationships Through Christ’s Love Design, and the Workbook Quest for Exceptional Love.

In 2015, Darla was blessed to marry Alan, a man who loves God with all his heart, while showing Darla what it means to be loved like Christ. She spends time painting or traveling with Alan on new adventures between studying, writing, and speaking.


For an in-depth honest look at Darla’s life, heart, challenges, and victories through Christ, read Darla’s Personal Story!

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