Domestic Abuse Workshops

For Christian Women


Let’s Get to the Heart of Your Challenges in Your Next Workshop!

I love workshops because they create an environment of honest connection. In this safe space in Fort Collins, we can focus on a particular topic or aspect to help your group understand how to move to the healed side of abuse. They will learn how to partner with Jesus and discover revelation, understanding, wisdom, and power through interactive experiences under the guidance of an abuse speaker.

I love to combine the powerful combination of story and scripture into people’s lives with everyday applications. Each workshop has times for God’s truth, life wisdom, self-reflection, and interaction. Let me empower your group to discover the truth about God’s love and enable them to move to the healed side of domestic violence through God’s transforming grace.

If you have a particular focus need, feel free to contact me to personalize a topic for your group. I encourage you to pray as we mutually seek what God wants to bring to your group to ensure they know they can live safe, secure and loved. Contact me now to book a date!

Most Requested Topics

Is it True, What You Don’t Know Can Kill You?

Do you know what influenced your heart and mind to choose a partner which ended in an abusive relationship? Your deception was a result of several factors you didn’t know, and you may still not be aware of now. Let me help your audience discover what invisible strings are holding them back from moving to the healed side of abuse and how to break free and live safe, secure, and loved.

Healthy Heart Healthy Life

How do you know when it’s safe to open your heart or when you need to guard it? What is the difference between your parameters and God’s? Let me help you discover what you have come to accept as normal and how to realign your boundaries with God’s to ensure you will have healthy abuse-free relationships.

Why is My Husband Hurting Me, if He Says He Loves Jesus?

When you and your Christian fiancé say, “I do” under the covenant of God, what does that mean? Discover the origin of your fear, anxiety, resentment, and powerlessness and how those elements are not God’s design for your marriage. Let me show you how to partner with Jesus and draw healthy loving boundaries that honor Christ. God did not design love or marriage to foster or hide abuse. Let me help you find His truths and healing path for you and your children to live safe, secure, and loved.