Who Determines Our Value?

Who Determines Our Value?

Let’s imagine that every person on earth was your child, what value would they have? What would you teach them about healthy, pure morals, and justice? How would you teach and encourage them to be their best and to love others as they want to be loved?

Who is Your Creator? And Why it Matters?

What or who you believe created you determine your value, morals, beliefs, and standards in life. When you believe that you are the result of the big bang theory or you evolved from any other imperfect organism on this earth, where can you find pure unconditional love? How can they teach you about healthy, respectful, and honoring morals, values, beliefs, standards, justice, grace, and unconditional love?

In an evolution mindset, what determines your value? How do we get our life force? How are people born as triune beings, with a body, soul, and spirit? Where does our spiritual aspect come from if it is not from a part of someone who created us?

The longer I live in my imperfect human condition in this broken world, I can see how my body, my soul (my mind, will, emotions), and my spirit are inseparably intertwined. I realize that my emotions affect my body and my spiritual heart. I understand how any destructive thoughts or beliefs I entertain in my mind can subtly corrupt Christ’s joy and peace in my spirit if I allow them to.

After giving birth to my two sons, I know that feeling a child growing and moving in me can only be a miracle of God. There is no other way to explain how another person can grow as a baby inside of my womb in my mind. I also know there is no way to rationalize or explain how a baby can live in amniotic fluid one minute, and then at birth, they take their first breath of air, and they can instantly breathe!

God Created Us from His Love

God created us in his image. As disciples of Christ, we believe that God’s word is true. As we learn about God, Jesus, and what it means to follow Christ, we can see how God designed us. We begin to understand that God doesn’t make mistakes, and therefore, he has a mission for us in His grand plan. In the Bible, King David tells us how God makes each one of us according to His design.

You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. (Psalm 139:13-14, NLT)

Stop and think about this fact. The creator of the universe, our amazing planet, and all that was and is and is to come created you in your mother’s womb. He breathed life into you. You are priceless in His eyes!

It’s Time to Live in Our God Value and Value Others Equally

If you have any questions about your value as a person, look to God, your creator. Look at the fact that God sent Jesus, His only son to pay the penalty for our sins and to give everyone an opportunity to choose to follow Him and live with Him eternally.

As Christ’s disciples, it’s time to acknowledge that everyone is created equally by our loving Father God; therefore, we are all priceless. It’s time for us to learn what it means to love, to talk, to act, and to live like Jesus when he walked on the earth. It’s time for us to work with Jesus and ask him to transform our minds, beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions to mirror his.

If we claim to be a disciple of Christ, our lives must look like him. No one will be perfect. However, we must continually be working with Jesus to uncover and eliminate anything that would not be what Jesus would think, say, or do. We cannot live like the devil by being abusive, disrespectful, immoral, and dishonoring and claim to be following Jesus.

The love and life of Jesus Christ is all about equality, kindness, and generous service and compassion. His life is our teaching that we must love others as he has loved us. What would happen if we asked this one question when we faced a fear, a challenge, discrimination, racism, immorality, injustice, or any form of abuse; what would Jesus think, say, or do?

Each one of us is created equal as God’s loving creation, which makes priceless in His eyes. Now it’s time for us to live as a child of God. It’s time to live a life worthy of the love and sacrifice Jesus showed us. It’s time to love others with the same value that Christ loves us every day!

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