What is a Heilan’ Coo?

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What is a Heilan’ Coo?

Adventures and discoveries often go hand in hand when you travel. Last week my husband and I made one such discovery while visiting the beautiful country of Scotland. The first week we toured through cities, castles, and ruins while roaming the green hills and valleys spotted with wooly sheep. The next week we ventured into the Highlands. The name is deceptive as it contains flat grazing pastures with sheep and cows, heavily forested areas, and tall cliffs. These s fed sheep, cows, and Heilan’ Coos. These Highlands introduced us to an adorable native Scotland breed of a hairy cow, called a Heilan’ coo. We had seen pictures of them in many stores, but it was not until the tenth day into our journey that we saw our first Heilan’ coo for ourselves.

My first glance at its shaggy bangs flashed a picture of the Beatles’ mop tops into my mind and made me laugh. They are large hairy ginger, black, or white colored coos with great horns. Their large size hides the gracefulness and nobility they exude in each stride.

I never tire of being amazed by the creativeness of God. I will never forget my trip to Scotland and my discovery of the Heilan’ Coo. You may never get the opportunity to visit Scotland, so I wanted to introduce a part of Scotland to you through this poem.

Ode To The Heilan’ Coo

Oh what a lovely sight to see,

With gentle face and coat hairy,

And horns like handles on a bike,

There’s nothing here I do not like.

In Scotland’s glens these beasties roam,

It’s purple hills their native home.

Now let me introduce to you-

The Horn-ed, Hairy Heilan’ Coo.

By Annwyl Canaid


The next time you venture outside your door, community, or country, keep your eyes open to the wonders that await you. Enjoy all that was created for you and share it with those who can not make the trip for themselves. If you want, you can start with me. I would love to know where you have traveled and what you have discovered along the way.

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