The other day my eight-year-old grandson and I put a puzzle together. First, we put the edges together to find the border of the picture and then we worked on the middle together. He took the puzzle apart and told me he could do it all by himself. He created the outline of the puzzle. However, he became frustrated because the inside pieces would not connect. I let him continue for a while, and then I asked him if he would like my help. At this point, he agreed. I took several pieces, and I showed him how to look for more possibilities by regrouping them by color and pattern according to the puzzle picture. Within a few minutes, he began to see the patterns, and he finished the puzzle with pride.

Later that evening I realized how much my life resembled a jumbo jigsaw puzzle created by God. Like my grandson, I had spent too many years focused on my abilities instead of relying on God’s wisdom and looking for His picture. I tried to force a piece of my life to fit my agenda at all cost. My self-focused decisions and stubbornness resulted in frustration, pain, and strife.

When I realized my way had never proven to be the best way I began to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I no longer wanted to pay the price of struggling to do life on my own. As I have come to know the love, heart, and character of Jesus, I have joyfully asked him to partner with me to complete the masterpiece God created me to be.

My life’s puzzle-fixing skills are becoming more proficient as I find out who Christ is and who I am in Christ. Now I can see how every experience of my life has taught me something about God, myself, and others. I found my edges, gifts, and the direction God has equipped and entrusted me with to serve Him and others.

One day my life’s masterpiece puzzle will finally be complete when I stand before Him in glory. Only then will I see the wonder and amazing beauty He created in me. Until then, I will continue to experience the adventures God has prepared for me in the pieces of my life yet to be revealed as I live to honor Him.

How has your life’s puzzle come together?