The Oxford Dictionary editors add approximately 1000 words a year. The evolution of technology and the words the new generations create will continue to expand our vocabulary. However, just because I have had a few more birthdays does not mean I have lost my creativity.
My mother had a large vocabulary, and she loved to teach me big words which were a combination of several small words or parts of them. I never realized all the word games I played with my mom would set me up to naturally blend my own words. My husband calls my creative words, “Darlaism”—or a word made up by me.
My latest word was the result of talking to my holistic doctor about the beginning of swelling in my ankles, an unfortunate reality of more birthdays. My concerns no sooner left my mouth, and I found myself laughing out loud. I looked at my husband and said, “Honey I have swankles—swollen+ankles.” Of course, we had to let the Doctor in on the fun new word which also made him laugh.
We are all faced with so much tension and seriousness every day. Let your mind find the humor in an everyday situation as you find your own “isms” that make you and those around you laugh. Use your words to rise above and break through the weightiness or dark clouds in a situation. Be brave and create your fun words and you will bring joy to other people’s lives.
What circumstances have led you to create your “isms”—your words?