How Do You Handle Change?

Change is like coming to a fork in the road. No matter what path you choose your attitude will affect your journey.

I am more aware of the power I have to choose my attitude and perspective in the middle of change than ever before. In my youth, the turmoil at home left me feeling powerless and uncertain about myself and my future. However, deep inside I kept believing and finding a way to see something good, even in the bad times.

A New Perspective on Change

Looking back, I realize my faith in Christ’s love and goodness grew my resilience and determination to find something good in all things. These three aspects of my heart, spirit, and mind taught me to embrace and adapt to change. My ability to adapt and cope is shared by many of you who have also been victims of abuse. My choice to find moments of joy in the continual chaos in my abusive marriage empowered me to forge a new mindset.

I saw change and challenge as an opportunity to be real about what was going on and to explore new options. I asked Jesus to help me see if I need to start, change, or stop something. My willingness to be open to change and to listen to Christ’s guidance helped me break free from abuse and find healing. Through healing, I’ve found great value in the lessons I learned through all the pain of abuse. Now I have a clear understanding of what’s healthy as well as what’s unhealthy. Most of the time profound insight doesn’t happen until something changes.

I thank God every day that I live safe, secure, and loved. My mindset to embrace change is no longer filled with the goal to keep hopeful and break free. Now, I welcome the change of every day with fresh anticipation and excitement. I look forward to the opportunities and adventures Jesus has for my day. Staying ready for change keeps me aware, thankful, and spontaneous in life.

You Can Ride the Wave of Change

If you struggle to embrace or adapt to change, I encourage you to investigate what makes you uncomfortable. As long as you are alive, you’ll never be free from change or challenges. To help you learn how to flow with change, look up verses in the Bible about worry, anxiety, joy, and peace. Pray and ask Jesus to help you adjust to the changes in your life as they come and find joy.

What would happen if you chose to view change as possibilities instead of something that happened to you? How would the thought of living your life as an adventure enhance your joy and future when change pops up? Only you can choose to feel grateful that you get the opportunity to have adventures in your life’s journey. Only you can choose to see change as just one more thing you have to struggle through. Be courageous. Decide to make the most of your life’s journey. Learn how to ride the waves of change and live fearlessly!

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I love to help Christians discover and eliminate the lies they have believed about true love and domestic abuse through Christ's exceptional love design. Abuse is NEVER God's design or will.

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