Fall Season: Comforting or a Whirlwind?

Fall Season: Comforting or a Whirlwind?

Getting into the swing of the fall season can be comforting and a whirlwind at the same time. Preparing our children for school and getting them on their schedules can be a whirlwind. However, our work schedules become more constant, and our mindset is preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday, which is comforting.

Whirlwind and Comfort

All of the changes taking place in our mind, emotions, and environment may feel in a swirl. However, when the winds settle, life can have a new constant rhythm and a sense of comfort. The season of fall is the most dramatic change. The theatrical change of colors gradually fades into the white blanket of winter and a slower pace.

Many people love the season of fall and embrace the change. Other people become more stressed and uptight when there are any changes in their life. In their struggle to go with the flow, they have a hard time seeing the gifts of joy. They seem to focus on what is not the same instead of what they have no control over instead of looking to see what opportunities come with the changes.

Learn to Enjoy Change

The best way to learn how to enjoy the change of seasons or any change in your life is to count your blessings. Are you living in a house instead of a cardboard box? Are you blessed with family or friends who love you? Do you have a job to keep food on your table?

People who live in the United States are the wealthiest people compared to the rest of the world. When you are in a challenging season of life, it is easy to let your mind take you down the road of feeling sorry for yourself. Unless Jesus is a priority in your life and your focus when you get up and go to sleep, it is easy to become self-focused.

If you need to unload your emotions, set a time for yourself to get it all out. You can’t pretend you are feeling okay if you are stuffing your emotions. Share them with Jesus and then ask him to help you. If you are still struggling with feeling sorry for yourself, ask yourself these two questions.

  • How will feeling sorry for yourself help your mindset and attitude?
  • How much energy are you using to feel bad instead of finding things to be grateful for?
  • What has feeling sorry for yourself cost you in your joy, peace, and relationships?

Only You Can Choose to be Grateful and Find Comfort

Your happiness and comfort are directly related to how grateful you are for the little things and big things in life. Some people are naturally more inclined to be optimistic and thankful. Some people struggle to see the glass half full. The ones who struggle will probably have to decide to intentionally look for and write down what they are grateful for.

If you struggle to be thankful, begin your day thanking Jesus for your Salvation and for his Spirit inside you. Close your eyes and visualize Christ’s spirit as a comforting blanket of love, peace, and protection helping you today. At noon state two other things you are thankful for and write them down.

Before you go to bed at night, take your gratefulness list out and read what you have been thankful for today. After reading your list, add two more things.

It doesn’t matter if you state some of the same things each day. The important thing to remember is to find something to be grateful for in every change or season of life. Commit to finding, stating, and recording what you are grateful for during this next week. I guarantee you will see your blessings. You will see that sometimes the whirlwind of change can bring new things to be grateful for. You will find comfort in the fact that Jesus is with you in every change and season.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

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