Who You Are is Not What You Do

To find our original created identity, we must find the truth in God’s word. We must know the origin of our identity. Who made us? How we are made, and why?

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Create Your Fresh Beginning

You cannot run before you roll over or crawl and you cannot skip the steps of healing. You will need to cross the paradigm bridge from where you are to your fresh beginning of living in Christ’s design of love. Your healing will be much like a chick breaking out of its shell or a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon.

Being Perfect Won’t Change Your Abuser

If God doesn’t require you to be perfect or something you are not, then it’s not God’s design for your spouse, who professes to love you, to demand perfection from you. You alone have the power to choose what you believe as your truth.

Tips for Putting Your Life’s Puzzle Together

I tried to force a piece of my life to fit my agenda at all cost. My self-focused decisions and stubbornness resulted in frustration, pain, and strife.

Break the Myth of Perfection and Following God

God's love is not dependent upon your performance or aim for perfection. He is most interested in your love and heart.

What to do With Your Question . . Why?

You know the favorite question of a three-year-old—why? Why do [...]