Oppressing Thoughts or Mind Matters

/Oppressing Thoughts or Mind Matters

Christ’s Peace can Calm the Visible and Invisible Aspects of Our Life

Christ’s words reveal that we will have visible and invisible storm elements in our lives from time to time. Some storms are expected, and we can see them coming. Other storms just pop up because we live in this broken world.

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3 Reasons Why You Are Living

You are a ‘new creation’ in Christ. You will be different than people who are not walking in Christ's light of love, joy, truth, grace, and peace.

Uncover the Truth: Your Identity’s Not from the World’s Value

I began to understand that my identity didn’t come from the conditions of my birth, what people said, how I felt, the experiences I had, or the value others placed on me.

Cracking the “Who You Are” Code

When you believe your identity originates or it is determined by imperfect people (including yourself), you will constantly feel a need to prove yourself, fix yourself, or punish yourself.

Top 3 Questions About Lust from Christians

Although lust starts as a thought, you must keep thinking on it for it to become a temptation.

3 Choices for a Happy Christmas

Choose to celebrate Christ’s birthday OR your past experiences. Intentionally choose to keep your focus and joy on Jesus and not on the world’s choice to fill it with self-absorbed reasons.

Pendulum of Thanksgiving

When abusers show their good side, it reminds their victims of what they fell for, and it brings FALSE hope. The victims wants her abusive husband to be healed and her marriage to be all she had hoped for.

Difficult Mother-in-Law: What to do at Thanksgiving?

The first truth you must face is about your difficult mother-in-law is that you have NO control over what she will say or do. However, you don’t have to allow her to be abusive to you or your children in any way.