Abuse/Domestic Violence

/Abuse/Domestic Violence

Love Fantasy and Domestic Abuse

Choosing to stay in my first thirteen-year abusive marriage almost ended in my death and my ex-husband’s death. Love fantasies are destructive, unwise, and deadly.

Change Your Love Design: Change Your Life

Whenever you wake up, you will experience change. You can’t stop change, and you can’t stop your body from dying. Change in your life will come.

7 Signs of a Toxic Love

Depending on the dynamics, standards, and version of love you grew up with you may not realize Christ’s love design. You may have accepted that being disrespected, blamed, shamed, and abused is normal when the person apologizes.

Keep the Contagious Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is the only holiday when people and communities are focused on being compassionate, generous, and caring for friends as well as strangers.

3 Choices for a Happy Christmas

Choose to celebrate Christ’s birthday OR your past experiences. Intentionally choose to keep your focus and joy on Jesus and not on the world’s choice to fill it with self-absorbed reasons.

Pendulum of Thanksgiving

When abusers show their good side, it reminds their victims of what they fell for, and it brings FALSE hope. The victims wants her abusive husband to be healed and her marriage to be all she had hoped for.

Difficult Mother-in-Law: What to do at Thanksgiving?

The first truth you must face is about your difficult mother-in-law is that you have NO control over what she will say or do. However, you don’t have to allow her to be abusive to you or your children in any way.

Fall Season: Comforting or a Whirlwind?

Many people love the season of fall and embrace the change. Other people become more stressed and uptight when there are any changes in their life. In their struggle to go with the flow, they have a hard time seeing the gifts of joy.

3 Ways Churches can Support Victims of Domestic Abuse in Their Congregation

The people in our congregations, Christ’s people, are hurting and confused. They don’t know where to find help to understand how Christ’s design of love is different than theirs.

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