Abuse/Domestic Violence

/Abuse/Domestic Violence

Discover Christ’s Exceptional Love Design

If you have struggled to feel truly loved, you are not alone. There's nothing wrong with you. Don’t be fooled by the mind fog, confusion, and lies of the enemy that you're not worthy to be loved.

3 Reasons Why You Are Living

You are a ‘new creation’ in Christ. You will be different than people who are not walking in Christ's light of love, joy, truth, grace, and peace.

Cracking the “Who You Are” Code

When you believe your identity originates or it is determined by imperfect people (including yourself), you will constantly feel a need to prove yourself, fix yourself, or punish yourself.

Top 3 Questions About Lust from Christians

Although lust starts as a thought, you must keep thinking on it for it to become a temptation.

Love Fantasy and Domestic Abuse

Choosing to stay in my first thirteen-year abusive marriage almost ended in my death and my ex-husband’s death. Love fantasies are destructive, unwise, and deadly.

Change Your Love Design: Change Your Life

Whenever you wake up, you will experience change. You can’t stop change, and you can’t stop your body from dying. Change in your life will come.

7 Signs of a Toxic Love

Depending on the dynamics, standards, and version of love you grew up with you may not realize Christ’s love design. You may have accepted that being disrespected, blamed, shamed, and abused is normal when the person apologizes.