Overcome and Thrive

How Faith Fantasies Affect Your Love Design

When you only see love through the lens of your broken love design, it skews your understanding of Christ’s love. Through your broken love, you may create a faith fantasy to cope or to control your unhealthy or hurtful relationships

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Lust Fantasies: The Hook and the Truth

Feeling loved is the hope, wish, and dream of every person on this earth. Fantasy fuels your dream that if you had “a perfect man” who always thinks your beautiful, who doesn’t see any of your faults, and who will always do what you want, your life would be great.

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7 Signs of a Toxic Love

Depending on the dynamics, standards, and version of love you grew up with you may not realize Christ’s love design. You may have accepted that being disrespected, blamed, shamed, and abused is normal when the person apologizes.

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What Does Love Mean to You?

The first step to changing your design of love is to realize that your design is broken and unhealthy. The next step is to find a love design that is pure, respectful, and honoring and to live in this design.

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Code for Love

Although you can’t instantly wipe your broken love design clean like the memory in a corrupted computer, you can choose a new code for your broken love design to follow.

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New Year: New Definition of Love?

I love spaghetti, I love music, and I love you; are phrases we use without much thought. What is your definition of love? What does love mean to you? How do you know you have found pure love? Where Do You Get Your Definition of Love? You’re not born with the...

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