Pendulum of Thanksgiving

When abusers show their good side, it reminds their victims of what they fell for, and it brings FALSE hope. The victims wants her abusive husband to be healed and her marriage to be all she had hoped for.

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Fall Season: Comforting or a Whirlwind?

Many people love the season of fall and embrace the change. Other people become more stressed and uptight when there are any changes in their life. In their struggle to go with the flow, they have a hard time seeing the gifts of joy.

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Ultimate Plea of an Abused Christian Wife

Many Christian marriages are struggling to find happiness and fulfillment. They love each other, they go to church together, they pray together, but they can’t seem to stop fighting or being frustrated. Some of these marriages may be in an abusive cycle without knowing it.

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#1 Scripture Used by Abusive Christian Husband’s

Submission must be given. Submission doesn’t mean women do not have a voice, opinion, or influence on our husbands. Submission does not mean we are slaves and obligated to do whatever our husbands want; especially if it is abusive or goes against the morals and character of Christ.

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Jesus Forgives Betrayal

“How could you betray me?” I asked this question to a close friend, someone I thought I could trust. There is nothing like the pain of your heart being sliced open when you learn that someone close to you has betrayed you. The devastation of betrayal is one of the...

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