$10, 1 Million, or Priceless: How Much Are You Worth?

$10, 1 Million, or Priceless: How Much Are You Worth?

You will live up to the value or worth you place on yourself. Until your value changes in your mind, heart, and spirit; you will treat yourself and allow others to treat you according to your accepted self-value.

I know this statement is true because I spent twenty years in several abusive marriages trying to earn more value to be worthy to be loved. I looked to my husbands to determine my value because this is what I learned from my mother. When you allow imperfect people to define your value, you are a prisoner to their beliefs, standards, and preferences.

How to Change Your Value

Right now, what do you use to determine your value?

  • Do you use the world’s scale of money, fame, power, and the assets you own?
  • Do you determine your value based on what people have said or currently say about you?
  • Do you know and use the value Jesus places on you?

To find the origination of your value, you need to discover it through your spirit, heart, and mind as you study God’s word. Placing your spirit in the forefront of your journey to discover your value keeps your imperfect beliefs, life experiences, and self-focus or narcissism from being the originator of your value.

Each of us was uniquely knit together in our mother’s wombs by God with our unique gifts, talents, and preferences. God breathed life into each of us, and He gives us the freedom and power to choose who originated our value.

When you study how our creator, God, sent His only son, Jesus Christ, to show us how to love God and others in spite of our sinful imperfectness and to pay for our sins, you can see the pure definition and design of Christ’s love. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is proof that you are PRICELESS because Jesus showed you that YOU ARE WORTH DYING FOR! What greater value could you have?

Christians do not Automatically Know Their Value

Even though I have been a Christian since the age of seven, it took me forty years to ACCEPT, to KNOW beyond doubt, and to live like I believed I AM worthy of Jesus dying for me. I know how difficult it is to get past the roadblocks of life experiences and the mistakes you keep remembering in your mind.

I was never taught how I was deceived by my childhood thoughts, beliefs, mistakes, and life experiences concerning my value. I discovered these lies, and my self-worth began being transformed when I consistently studied God’s word. My understanding deepened as my relationship with Christ flourished. I became devoted to learning what it means to let Jesus be the originator of my value and to live like I believed him.

The Power of God’s Truth

The power of God’s truth is the only light that can cut through the darkness of the world, the devil, and you create in your mind and beliefs about your value. Christ’s love is the healing and renewing salve for your mind, heart, and spirit. Without the love of Jesus and the power of God’s truth in His word, you are letting imperfect people determine and define your value.

All that you are and can be is because you are made from God’s pure love! Your priceless value is God-given. You can’t earn it. You don’t have to deserve it. You just have to discover it, accept it, and live in it.

Even if you don’t feel priceless in Christ’s eyes and heart right now, it doesn’t change the fact that he proved your great value by dying for you. How many times in your life have you had to talk the talk, or walk the walk until your mind and heart aligned with your truth? Walking by faith is doing what Christ says even if we don’t understand or feel anything. Faith is about trust, obedience, and being transformed into the likeness of Christ.

What would happen if you choose to speak Christ’s value of you when you or others began to question if you are good enough? How would accepting and living in the fact that you are priceless in Christ’s eyes change your thoughts, words, attitudes, actions, and relationships?

You Have the Power to Choose and Change Your Life

No matter where you are at in your faith journey to understand God and Jesus, they are right there with you. They want you to grow in a personal relationship with them until you KNOW you are priceless in their eyes. God created you to be a part of His grand plan because only you can do what he designed you to do. Only you can touch the people in your reach and show them the love of Christ in action.

You have the opportunity to know you are a priceless masterpiece in Christ’s eyes and to live the abundant life he came to give you. Take his hand and begin your faith journey to know that you are priceless. As you grow in your relationship with him, he is faithful to show you revelations and bring healing.

I can give you this truth because he was faithful to me. He took all the pain the devil planned to use for my destruction and turned it into my ministry of empowering women to overcome the obstacles in their minds and spirit, so they can authentically experience living and loving fearlessly.

You have nothing to lose by letting Jesus Christ be the originator of your self-worth. You have everything to gain in your mindset, beliefs, attitudes, words, actions, and relationships. With Christ in you, you are more than a good enough woman, wife, mother, daughter, and follower of Jesus right where you are. Be courageous and change the outcome of your life by KNOWING that your priceless value can NEVER change on earth and into eternity! You are PRICELESS AND WORTH DYING FOR!

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I love to help Christians discover and eliminate the lies they have believed about true love and domestic abuse through Christ's exceptional love design. Abuse is NEVER God's design or will.

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