Many churches don’t realize there are many types of toxic abuse outside of domestic violence. They may also be unaware that unhealthiness and abuse statistics within Christian marriages are the same as in secular marriages, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Abuse. Without the knowledge and tools needed to identify and support abuse victims, faith leaders struggle to know what to do.


Whether lack of knowledge or fear, no reason releases faith leaders from our responsibilities to learn about unhealthy and toxic-abusive marriages. We need to know all the truth to help, support, and teach victims and all of Christ’s disciples how to walk in Christ’s healthy definition of love.


Unhealthiness and abuse will not go away in our human condition on this broken planet. Abuse is a choice to sin against God and others. The numbers of calls and the continued viral outbreaks make it clear that we must empower our pastors, mentors, teachers, leaders, and staff with the tools they need to identify, help, and support the victims.

This workshop is co-presented by Darla and Alan Colinet.


Darla is an author, certified Christian life coach, Bible Study teacher, domestic abuse consultant for churches, and founder of God’s Transforming Grace. After overcoming thirty years of domestic abuse, Darla created this workshop to equip faith leader’s to identify, support, and guide abuse victims without inflicting spiritual abuse. She knows first-hand how much damage can happen when faith leaders are unaware and unprepared.


Alan has lived his life serving God and joined Darla in her mission to teach others Christ’s love in 2015. He lived most of his life in Pennsylvania. He worked in construction, as an underground coal miner, an inspector, technician, and trainer for cranes, and a case worker for the state of Pennsylvania. Seeing the devastation of domestic abuse first-hand among Christians, Alan is now devoted to helping Darla stop the often ignored pandemic of domestic abuse.