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Welcome Faith Leaders,


After facing the overwhelming outcry for help from Christian married couples during COVID and taking the quiz, you realized that you or your faith leaders need more unified or in-depth training about unhealthy and abusive marriages. As Christ’s disciples, we know it is NEVER God’s will or the example of Christ’s love for unhealthiness or abuse to be in any relationship or marriage.


Faith leaders must be equipped to face the statistical reality of unhealthy and abusive marriages within the church to end abuse among Christ’s people. They need to understand that abuse is a symptom of operating from an imperfect blueprint of love and being unaware of God’s truth, their brokenness, and the types and signs of abuse. To identify and help the victims, faith leaders will need to take a two-part training. 


Part 1: Faith leaders gain the knowledge and practical tools to help Christians realize that salvation doesn’t fix or stop the unhealthy or abusive traits many of us have come to accept as “normal” love from our imperfect experiences, messages, and role models. Upon completion, leaders can confidently step into their vital role to teach Christ’s disciples his love design. Operating in Christ’s love empowers them to thrive in their Christ identity, love others as they love themselves, and help break the cycle of abuse in Christ’s church.


Part 2: Faith leaders are equipped with in-depth training on unhealthy and abusive marriages, facts about abuse, the victim, the abuser, and much more. This Biblical and practical training equips your team to teach and operate in Christ’s love design, to provide victims spiritual support without spiritual abuse, and compassionately connect them with the professionals and resources in your community. Faith leaders will know what to say and do and what to avoid to ensure the victims are heard, encouraged, empowered, and safe. 


The Ultimate Faith Leaders Training on Unhealthy and Abusive Christian Marriages


Part 1 Training: What Does Loving Like Christ Mean? Discover fundamental principles of Christ’s healthy love that many Christians are never told about.




1.) Discover We All Begin Our Lives Operating from a Broken Love Design


2.) Clear Up Confusion from Our Human Condition and Unawareness of:

    • Scriptures, healthy versus unhealthy relationships, types, and signs of abuse.
    • Fantasies
    • Our Christ-identity
    • Our Invisible Ultimate Needs and How the Enemy Uses them to Deceive us


3.) Principles of Christ’s Love Design

    • 5 Aspects of Christ’s Exceptional Love Design
    • 4 Key Aspects of Healthy Christ Boundaries
    • Christ’s Exceptional Love Standards with 5 Unhealthy Barriers


4.) Healthy, Unhealthy, and Toxic or Abusive Relationships

    • Understanding the Differences
    • Helping Versus Enabling
    • Understanding Forgiveness, Trust, Repentance, and Reconciliation
    • Evaluating Our Relationships and Knowing When to Walk Away


5.) Plan to Move Forward with In-Depth Training Part 2 on Unhealthy or Abusive Marriages.


Part 2 Training: Unhealthy or Abusive Marriages? Learn key principles to identify, help, and support victims while ending abuse in Christ’s church that most Christian leaders are not taught.




  1. Introduction: The resolve of this course Founded on God’s Word
  2. In Her Shoes Interactive Module
  3. Fears of the Church
  4. Christ’s Example of His Love Design
  5. God’s Design for Marriage
  6. Difference Between Unhealthy and Abusive Christian Marriages
  7. All about Abuse
  8. All about the Victim
  9. All about the Abuser
  10. Let’s Talk About Marriage Counseling, Separation, and Divorce
  11. Responsibility of Faith Leaders in the Church
  12. Establish Community Resources
  13. Create Your Plan to Train Fellow Faith Leaders to Support Victims and Help End Abuse


Once faith leaders learn Christ’s love, how to identify unhealthiness from abuse, and support victims, they become Christ’s extension of Luke 4:18. “To preach Good News to the poor; heal the brokenhearted, announce that captives shall be released, the blind shall see, and the downtrodden shall be freed from their oppressors.”


Unless we become part of the solution, we will continue to inadvertently enable the abuser and continue the cycle of abuse within Christian marriages. It’s time for faith leaders and their teams to discover, learn, and step confidently into Christ’s love design and equip themselves with the knowledge and understanding to identify and support victims in unhealthy or abusive marriages in Christ’s church. Let’s work together with God and end abuse!


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Darla Colinet is the founder and CEO of God’s Transforming Grace. She is an inspirational speaker, author, and consultant who dispels the confusion and lies about love and domestic abuse through God’s truth and Christ’s exceptional love design. Darla brings hope, insightful revelations, and practical strategies through her authentic personal stories from thirty years of domestic abuse in three marriages. When she’s not serving God from her home in Colorado, she and her husband, Alan, are off on their travel adventures.
Darla is a certified life coach and Christian coach, a member of the women’s ministry core team at Timberline Church in Colorado. She is a consultant for churches and their staff to understand how to live in Christ’s exceptional love design and to recognize and support victims of domestic abuse.

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Darla has been given the gift of hearing and understanding the struggles of women. She quickly discerns the core problem and speaks the truth. She offers wisdom based on the spiritual guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Beth Allen

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop! I loved how honest and open Darla was about sharing her difficult times of her life and how God walked her through it. It really helped me see that God transformed her life and gave me hope that he’s able to do that for all of us. I also loved how she shared scriptures to build us up! Darla was energetic, funny, and real! The best combination!

Lisa Swinney

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